19th June 2013 – HOPE!

Yesterday we we treated with messages from our granddaughters in Leeds. Jennifer and Victoria.
We have had a little contact with Victoria via Facebook but yesterday Jennifer came back onto the scene! We exchanged a few comments and pictures and we were very pleased.
This morning I switched on my iPad and called up Facebook and tried the girls again and came across their mothers “wall”.
A lovely surprise! Caroline(mam) had her picture displayed. She was standing in the Valley Gardens, Harrogate on a very sunny, pleasant day. She looked good! Where will this lead and can I invite her to be ‘a friend’ on Facebook? Let me consider. Maybe after breakfast! It’s only 6.30 am. . . Time.

Well we invited Caroline to be friends and it was accepted!! Watch this space.
Our friends list is expanding on Facebook.

Still waiting to hear from Anna in Brazil. There is lots of unrest there at the moment, what with fares on public transport being challenged, unhappiness about austerity measures and prices for next years World Cup causing demonstrations from fans.

Never mind, tonight I will watch the Brazil. v Mexico match on BBC 3 . Lets hope the referee does’nt get shot!