Tuesday 25 June 2013 and just recovering from our hectic weekend!
Lilian felt she had to go to M&S and buy-up the shop this morning followed by a visit also to Morrison’s. Fridges now stuffed full and I am looking forward to tasting some of the food tonight!
Had a few pics from Anna in Brazil today and she seems to have clicked with a friendly group. The pictures from the Falls shows them all soaked to the skin but still jumping around. All the passports seem to have been stamped appropriately on the Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina border!
We have done lots of work in our street today and spent some time on the garden. And some painting. Sent lots of pictures to everybody about our time in York.

Sent a full review to Trip Adviser of our visit to “Du Vine” which leaves me three off the requirement to become a Senior Contributor!! “Colmans” review last week has already had 27 viewings.

Must this week think of putting the fencing in order – our design. Willow 1.5m high.


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