The Face of Police Violence in Brazil’s Protests

. . . . .and its a woman!

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To understand the grotesque response of police to citizen protests in Brazil, there’s hard to find a more horrific, yet succinct, picture than the one below making the rounds on Twitter.

Pepper Spray

Clearly, this is an extreme response to a non-threat. And though the image may be grotesque, this type of response is not uncommon among police forces in Brazil, which in turn helps to explain why so many people turned out to demonstrate throughout Brazil last night.

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The Ongoing Effects of Demonstrations in Brazil (Or, the Power of the People)

People Power

Americas South and North

After a week of unrest, Brazil’s President, Dilma Rousseff, took to the airwaves last Friday in an address where she stated support for the demonstrations as a means to dialogue and as an example of democracy in Brazil. Though the address was relatively brief (~10 minutes), she acknowledged the need to continue to address educational, socioeconomic, and regional problems, making clear her awareness of and apparently-sincere understanding of the people’s complaints (something Turkey’s Erdogan has yet to do). And yesterday, she again made clear her willingness to engage in dialogue with demonstrators, as she met with leaders from the Free Fare Movement [MPL] in the presidential building in Brasília. Though the MPL participants walked out saying protests would continue until concrete gains were made, the meetings themselves did not appear to be particularly antagonistic, but instead a real and genuine dialogue (again, distinguishing Brazil from what is going on in Turkey).

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Popular Demonstrations Continue to Resonate through Brazilian Politics

Brazilian Politics

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In the wake of lower bus fares and discussions of a national plebiscite, the recent and ongoing protests in Brazil continue to ripple throughout Brazilian politics and the people’s voices continue to resonate. One of the major targets of public outrage was a legislative bill, PEC 37, that would remove the authority of state and federal prosecutors to investigate politicians for corruption and effectively intensifying a culture of impunity in Congress. Last night, Congress voted on the bill. The outcome?

430 against, 9 in favor, and 2 abstentions.

Nor was Congress finished. It then passed a bill that agreed to spend 75% of oil royalties revenues on Education, with the other 25% going to health. Two other major issues that people have been demanding in their demonstrations? Greater government investment on education and health. And even Renan Calheiros, who himself has been the subject of angry…

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Tuesday 25 June 2013 and just recovering from our hectic weekend!
Lilian felt she had to go to M&S and buy-up the shop this morning followed by a visit also to Morrison’s. Fridges now stuffed full and I am looking forward to tasting some of the food tonight!
Had a few pics from Anna in Brazil today and she seems to have clicked with a friendly group. The pictures from the Falls shows them all soaked to the skin but still jumping around. All the passports seem to have been stamped appropriately on the Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina border!
We have done lots of work in our street today and spent some time on the garden. And some painting. Sent lots of pictures to everybody about our time in York.

Sent a full review to Trip Adviser of our visit to “Du Vine” which leaves me three off the requirement to become a Senior Contributor!! “Colmans” review last week has already had 27 viewings.

Must this week think of putting the fencing in order – our design. Willow 1.5m high.


Found Christine Dagg and Sylvia Appleby on Facebook and asked them to be friends. They said yes. We are all trying to find out where Sheila Williamson is at the moment. Christine is having trouble trying to make contact, but it is difficult. She is staying in bed, carers are attending and she is now completely deaf. We sent Christine, who is looking after her Mother, some pics of Sheila when we last saw her with Kate last year. She promised Kate a present but before we left. . .she had forgotten her promise.

21 june 2013







Are you out there Anna?!  Far away from the Brazilian riots, I hope. Hope it does not change your plans to visit the waterfalls this weekend. ( Iguazu Falls – Picture above).

we have had a busy day today already and it’s only 2pm!  Getting case ready, shopping, petrol and money.  At 3.30pm a neighbour is calling to prepare an application for funding for her Church. We /I prepare the application on-line and she gives me a few details to include.

The big news today is that Jennifer’s hairdresser cut her fringe wrong and also burnt her ear!

i told her that there was a not more wrong than that in the world.

Hope we hear from Anna soon.   Kate in Greece on her second day and it is 38 degree!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Had a late night watching Confederation Cup matches. Brazil. V. Mexico.  Thousands there. . .mad!  11pm till 1am watched a brilliant game between Italy and Japan. Italy just made it 4/3. Lucky Italy.  You were robbed Japan! Still waiting for any news from Anna and Brazil. It is Thursday now and nearly her second week over and not a word.  Last week, her first week we were treated to Blogs every day. Mind, between the first and last Blog last week they gradually became more disappointing. She expected so much!

Heard from Sylvia Appleby on Facebook today and we are now friends!  Got lots of catching up to do.